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Developer Opera Software

Opera is a fast and free browser. Opera keeps your browsing safe, so you can stay focused on the content. This secure browser protects you from ...

Baidu Browser

Developer Baidu Inc.

Baidu Browser is a free-to-use web browser for Windows OS. Baidu Browser’s built-in Media Downloader lets you easily ...


Developer MoreQuick.com

GreenBrowser is a web browser with many useful features. Built-in ad-filter prevents popups, duplicate windows ...

Auslogics Browser Care

Developer Auslogics Labs Pty Ltd.

Auslogics Browser Care is a neat tool that offers a convenient method of checking and managing toolbars and add-ons installed, as well ...

Anvi Browser Repair Tool

Developer Anvisoft

Anvi Browser Repair Tool can help users easily clear browser history and download history, caches ...

32bit Web Browser

Developer ElectraSoft

32bit Web Browser is a very simple web browser that allows you to surf the web with ease. It is fast, neat and very lightweight. Besides letting you ...

Laser Web Browser

Developer SenJen Company

Laser Web Browser is a web browser made with the mission of providing faster browsing via web browser ...

Multi-Browser Viewer

Developer TWD Solutions Pte Ltd

Multi-browser Viewer will help web developers reach a wider audience by allowing cross browser testing from a ...

Browser Chooser

Developer Jan Ole Peek

Browser Chooser is intended to ease the process of selecting what browser to use when opening web pages. This way, you will be ...

CE Safe Browser

Developer Communityeditions

CE Safe Browser is a web browser that claims to be secure and safe. Well, it tries to distinguish ...

Mini Fast Browser

Developer Trialation

Mini Fast Browser is an open-source program that allows you to navigate the Internet. The browser enables you to open as many website tabs as you ...

Browser Hijack Retaliator

Developer Zamaan's Software

The Browser Hijack Retaliator can protect your browser from external threats, and hijackers can no longer change your settings ...

Next Browser Sync Plus for Chrome

Developer Next Browser Team

Next Browser Sync Plus is a browser extension that allows you to sync bookmarks directly to your mobile devices in Next Browser. ...

Freeware Browser

Developer 4ComTech

Freeware Browser is a web browser that points directly at download websites. The idea is that with this ...

Da Browser Based Games Browser

Developer 4ComTech

Da Browser Based Games Browser is a browser based games web browser that delivers easy access to arcade classics ...